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We combine nano-scale device and circuit design with biochemistry to explore more efficient strategies for fast diagnosis of infectious diseases at the point of care.


Lumidyne Technologies

Lumidyne Technologies—commercialization of next-generation fluorescent probes with enhanced brightness and photostability across the visible spectrum.

Structure Biotechnology

Structure Biotechnology

Structure Biotechnology is the first company to use the brain’s nanoscale wiring, or “connectome”, to innovate the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases.

INVIVO Analytics

InVivo Analytics

Founded and directed by Drs. Neal Paragas and Alexander Klose in 2012, InVivo Analytics, is a pre-clinical optical imaging innovation company with a patented software and hardware suite, InVivoPLOT. This innovative system transforms current small animal imaging platforms into machines that can acquire quantitative 3D images. InVivoPLOT is a solution to make the more than three thousand optical imaging systems output quantifiable data as opposed to qualitative data which will save time and money by reducing project time and providing actionable endpoints. InVivo Analytics headquarters and technology development site is based at the Harlem Biospace Labs at 127th street in New York City.

Medical Image Metric


We develop image processing software to assist neurosurgeons performing image guided surgery.

Diamond Nanotechnologies

Diamond Nanotechnologies

Diamond Nanotechnologies is developing a game-changing tool for neural activity imaging. Our goal is to enable breakthroughs in neuroscience and accelerate drug discover and development.

Resolution Bioimaging

Resolution Bioimaging

Resolution Bioimaging is developing a software platform for Clinical Trials, which facilitates virtual training and compliance for advanced imaging protocols, while automatically reducing technical errors.


HistoWiz, Inc.

HistoWiz is a histopathology service company that processes mouse tissue samples and digitalizes the result for cancer researchers in academia and pharma.



Suneris has developed a gel that instantly stops bleeding, is inexpensively produced, and facilitates faster healing. Our goal is to improve the quality of wound care.

VOTI Solutions

VOTI Solutions

We use a novel optical tomography imaging system to diagnose and monitor peripheral arterial disease to reduce the number of diabetic foot amputations.