Background & Program Vision

What is Entrepreneurship Lab?

What is the mission of this Program?

What are the origins of this Program?

What is the role of the City and Mayor’s Office in this Program?

What other entrepreneurship resources and opportunities are available from the City?

Who is the target audience for this Program?

How do you define bio and healthcare technology?

Why should I apply to this Program?

How do I sponsor ELabNYC?

Application & Selection Process

What are the eligibility criteria for this Program?

How are participants selected?

How many applications do you expect to receive?

Are co-applicants encouraged?

Is there an advantage to applying early?

Is an entrepreneurial concept/business idea necessary to apply to the Program?

Will my entrepreneurial concept/business idea and application be kept confidential?

Will interviews be held with all candidates?

Program Scope & Structure

What do I get for joining the Program?

What can I expect to gain from the ELabNYC program?

How is Entrepreneurship Lab different from other training programs in NYC?

Who will be teaching the mini-MBA course?

Are there assignments in this Program?

What are the mentorship dinner roundtables?

What time are the sessions held?

Do participants receive funding for their entrepreneurial concepts?

What are the expectations of participants?

Are there any obligations for participants after the Program?

Do participants receive any credit or certification for their participation?


Over how long a period of time will the Program take place?

When and where will meetings take place?

Is there a fee for joining the Program?

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