Fran Strauss has led Reimbursement Departments and advised senior executives in Medical Technology and Molecular Diagnostic/Genetic companies on medical policy, contracting and reimbursement strategies towards commercialization, for more than 12 years. Ms. Strauss approaches the challenges of building a broad reimbursement landscape, with a consultative problem-solving approach to develop market access strategies that feature the technologies’ clinical, economic and social merits and their impact on patients’ functional improvements – the keys to the product’s value proposition to the key stakeholders who influence adoption, diffusion and payment. Ms. Strauss seeks to develop strategic partnerships with her clients and colleagues, to advance the long-­‐term objectives for the product or technology. She works closely with business executives to inform and advance a cohesive and interdisciplinary market access strategy that drives product diffusion and adoption.

Valuing integrity and openness; leadership and excellence; intellectual curiosity; and a passion for her work, Ms. Strauss is a trusted business advisor. Prior to her consulting practice she lead the Provider Relations and Network Development departments at Aetna Inc. and then Reimbursement departments at Digene Corporation (HPV testing), Adeza Biomedical (fFN testing) and Perelegen Sciences (Breast cancer risk identification)
Ms. Strauss has developed dozens of robust market access strategies, conducted payer market research, coding, coverage and contracting initiatives; that leverage the newest medical policies and regulations to meet clients’ business objectives and optimize the reimbursement landscape though positive reimbursement and coverage; expand patient access; and achieve predictable & consistent reimbursement from payers. Ms. Strauss’s experience ranges from genetic testing within the Women’s Health, Cardiology, Urology and Cancer areas with medical devices and diagnostics. Most recently she has been involved with the emerging Companion Diagnostic and Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnostic market niche.

Ms. Strauss has deep relationships with national and regional commercial and government payers, as well as employer groups and unions. She has worked extensively with Legislators, Health Business organizations and Advocacy groups to leverage broad and viable reimbursement strategies. She works closely with specialty medical societies, as necessary, to build physician consensus to overcome payer barriers.

Ms. Strauss has worked with a variety of groups, including clients’ teams, external advocates and stakeholders, and internal team members to cultivate high-­‐performing teams and groups that achieve intended strategic objectives. To support her client’s objectives, Ms. Strauss draws from an extensive network of experts in various areas, including clinical trialists, health economists, and data analytics, coding and technical reimbursement experts, to bring together the necessary skills and resources to solve problems and advance business strategies.