Dr. Cohen joined the Company in 2013. Prior to joining the Company he was the President and co-founder of Morria Biopharmaceuticals PLC. Starting as a small startup with seed financing, under Dr. Cohen’s leadership Morria went public on the London Stock Exchange and successfully developed five novel anti-inflammatory drug candidates with two reaching Phase 2b stages focusing on allergies and autoimmune diseases of the skin, airways, digestive tract and eye. Dr. Cohen participated in all stages of the pre-clinical and clinical development from project management to interactions with regulatory bodies and with the investment community in fund raising. During his career Dr Cohen has successfully completed a public listing in the US. Dr. Cohen has a PhD, summa cum laude, from the Curie Institute of Cancer Research in Paris and the University of Paris V. Apart from his industry experience, he is also the author of a number of peer-reviewed papers and reviews as well as listed inventor on a number of patents.